More Able Students

We are dedicated to providing all our students, including our More Able students, with the tools they need for success both in their academic lives within Sixth Form as well as beyond school in further education and their careers.  We aim to give them the very best opportunities in order for them to achieve their very best. 


Each year, students in Year 12 will be identified by looking at the top proportion of the cohort in terms of GCSE point scores. These students will be recognised as the ‘More Able’ students for the cohort across all their subjects. For the current academic year we identify these students with a 7.2 average GCSE points score or above from their best eight full GCSEs. 

If your son/daughter is identified as More Able across all their subjects, you will receive a letter informing you of this by the end of October.  

Furthermore, within each subject, departments will identify and recognise students who are demonstrating relatively high ability within their specific field. As a result, these students will also have access to a more challenging programme within the department and benefit from being stretched within an area of high ability. 


Students can benefit from opportunities such as extra-curricular activities, visits, targeted support and mentoring. Some examples are listed below: 

  • MENSA testing. 
  • Meetings as a group and individually. 
  • Oxbridge, Russell Group and other highly ranked university visits and talks. 
  • STEM initiatives. 
  • Interview workshops including for Oxbridge. 
  • Directed help in applying to University. 
  • Expert support from a variety of experienced advisors with the Russell Education Trust. 
  • Careers Talks. 
  • Enrichment assemblies. 
  • Lectures by University specialists.