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Our Sixth Form Open Evening was on Thursday 15th October. You can see the recording here, do get in touch with any questions.


We inspire learning through curiosity and create a culture of possibility where students are inspired to aim high, think creatively and achieve their full potential.


Our Sixth Form provision will continue to use the experience of Russell Education Trust, to ensure it provides the best possible experience for our students.

Welcome to the Sixth Form at Turing House

Turing House was founded in 2015. After 5 years of growth, in September 2020, we welcomed our first cohort of Sixth Formers. Whether you are an existing Turing House student or you are joining us from another school, you will find the Sixth Form a totally new and exciting experience.

The Sixth Form provides a vibrant and challenging environment, where you will not only be supported to achieve your academic ambitions but also provided with opportunities to grow as an individual. We want to prepare you for life beyond school, ensuring that you leave us as a well-rounded, confident and reflective individual, well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

We are a small Sixth Form and able to provide individual support for students. Our pastoral care, academic standards and extra-curricular opportunities constitute a unique learning environment. All staff are deeply committed to helping the students, fully recognising our responsibility to help you excel in all you do.

For details about the courses on offer and our entry requirements, see our full Course List.

By the time you read this, most of you will have been in full time education since you were four years old. Back then, someone else made the decision about your choice of school and you just had to concentrate on settling in and doing your best.

When you transferred to secondary school, you were probably consulted rather more and taken round a few different schools, so you could make an informed choice. You are now on the cusp of becoming an independent adult and it is your opinion that matters. Most of you will celebrate your 18th birthday before you leave the Sixth Form – and after that, many of you will choose to leave home, to attend courses at universities miles away.

At Turing House we understand how daunting the future might seem and how important it is to ensure that you are equipped with the confidence and qualifications to make the most of your opportunities. The Sixth Form at Turing House aims to provide you with the support you need to succeed, the expert tuition for you to flourish in your courses and opportunities to make the most of your unique talents.

We want you to feel that Turing House Sixth Form is the best place for you to become the adult you want to be. You have the chance to continue to shape traditions for future generations of students to enjoy. You will be our leaders, the role models for younger students, the lead singers, expert athletes, the star debaters. But you will also need to work hard, both in and, most importantly, outside lessons. For this reason, we want you to select your courses wisely.
We have high expectations of all students entering the Sixth Form. We expect you to use your study lessons profitably, to meet deadlines and to contribute to your learning by challenging ideas, being respectful of the views of others, reading relevant material to inform your opinions and persevering when the work is difficult.
We also hope that you will join in school life enthusiastically, making the most of the extra-curricular activities and the exciting trips on offer. We look forward to welcoming you into the Sixth Form in September and wish you every success in your GCSE exams in June.

Choosing the right courses is crucial to success in the Sixth Form.

Staff and RET advisors will meet with you and your parents/carers to discuss your aspirations and career goals and together will help you choose the best courses for you.
We want you to succeed and this starts with being on the right courses!

Nevertheless, this task is a shared one:

if you have a particular university or apprenticeship course in mind, then look at the entry requirements to ensure you are on the correct pathway. Anyone wanting to study medicine, for example, will need A Level chemistry. If the course is less prescriptive – law, for example – then consider the sort of subjects in which you can demonstrate logical thinking, good communication skills or the ability to evaluate evidence. Some employers simply want people to reach a good level of post-16 education and a glowing recommendation from their school.