About Sixth Form

Turing House Sixth Form will open in September 2020 at our Teddington site. In 2021 we plan to move to our brand new facilities in Whitton.

Turing House focuses on more than just exam results, encouraging self-esteem and respect for others, independence and responsibility, creative and critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving and a passionate interest in the wider world. We are committed to the highest possible academic standards, whilst delivering a broad and balanced Sixth Form curriculum. We value and support the achievements and aspirations of every student.

Class Sizes

Our class sizes are small enabling teachers to offer individual attention and encouragement. We are small enough to know all our students well and this enables us to support them throughout their time in the Sixth Form and to provide them with expert advice when making their university and careers choices.

Dress Code

There is no formal dress code for the Sixth Form, however students should be dressed appropriately for the school environment, in keeping with the adults in the school.   If you would like further guidance, it is available here.


WiFi will be available for Sixth Form students, and you can bring in your own laptops if you wish (at your own risk).  However school laptops will also be available in the Sixth Form Study Area.

Independent Study

Timetabled private study in the Sixth Form Study Area encourages our students to think independently.  The teaching and learning environment is less formal than for GCSE, but equally rigorous.

Free Time

After Christmas students will have the opportunity to leave the school site during their free periods and at lunch time.